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Hey, I'm Justin!

I've been on a vegan diet for 2 years but before that I was your typical meat eating bodybuilder for more than 14 years.

One thing that helps me stay in shape is ensuring that I give my body the right fuels to help it perform optimally.

My goal is to inspire other plant powered people to reach their own fitness goals.  Here is just a sample of what's included in this FREE report. 


Delicious Plant-Based Recipes

Done-for-you delicious  plant-based recipes for boosting  muscle growth, faster recovery and performance.

​Complete Workout Program

Get a complete gym workout plan that anyone can follow. This will help you pack on muscle fast!

​Motivation Tips

Master your mind with scientifically proven techniques to keep you focused on achieving your goals. You will also find out how 5 Plant powered athletes prove that you can build a killer physique without eating animal products. 

Full Nutriton List

Whether you are new or old to Veganism or bodybuilding, this this section touches all the nutrient aspects of a whole-food plant-based diet.  

"This is a sample introductory book to the official plant based bodybuilding program, I really liked the recipes in it.  My personal favorites are the vanilla pumpkin chickpea pancakes as well as the oatmeal buckwheat and peanut butter. The 4 day split workout routine is a great bonus to this nice freebie! 

- Jonathan Clarke (Green Bay, USA)

"Justin offers an assortment of recipes that are quick and easy for anyone to make. I love the fact that he added the exact number of calories and nutritional status for each recipe." I thought there would be more than 10 recipes, but that's understandable since he giving it away for free. I've already bought his PBB System and that has lots of recipes, and tons of great nutritional tips that I recommend to vegans looking for more than just meal plans and recipes.

- Shelly Ryan (Toronto, Canada)

"Great info for a beginner. It's quick to read, so yummy recipes. But the best part about it is the actual exercise routine and the tips on goal setting."

- Wesley Murphy (Manchester, England)


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